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Raptor/ACC Mission


Amarillo, Texas

Tues-Friday 10AM-5PM

PHONE: 806-683-6607


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Welcome to Raptor Armament, LLC & Amarillo custom Cerakote! Amarillo texas

Are you looking for Battle-worn, Kryptek or Multicam Cerakote? Look no further then Amarillo Custom Cerakote! Located in Amarillo Texas! (ACC) is a branch of Raptor Armament, LLC.  We are committed to providing the best and most value minded options for Cerakoting your firearms and thermal cups. i.e. Yeti, Ozark, Rtic etc.  We offer a full range of options for custom yetis thermal and insulated cups.

We are also a full service federal firearms license holder, type 07/02 and weapons manufacturer.  We deal in the sale of firearms and class 3 related items such as: machine guns, silencers, Short barreled rifles, shotguns etc. and can help answer questions or facilitate transfers. 

Please take a moment to check out some of our latest work and if you have any questions feel free to contact us during normal business hours.  

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