These are some of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to  the best of our professional knowledge


As with all things custom "nothing done cheap is good and nothing done good is cheap or fast" with that being said our lead times are some of the best in the industry and rest assured your item will be returned to you as quickly as possible.  Usually this runs 2-3 weeks, sometimes faster, sometimes slower dependent on the work to be performed.

How do I pay or what payment type do you accept?

If mailing an item we prefer a check or money order made out to Raptor Armament, LLC or ACC.  We do accept paypal but prefer it be sent friend/family gift to avoid additional fees.  user name is 

What parts do I send?

You only need send the parts we are to Cerakote.  You can send a complete weapon and we will disassemble and reassemble it for an additional charge. $75.00 for rifles/shotguns $50.00 for pistols.  If sending disassembled please insure it is completely taken apart. every screw, bolt, springs etc.  We will not be held liable for any missing parts unless the fee for disassembly is paid and an inventory of parts shipped is filled out.  In addition if sending a complete weapon please remove items NOT going to be coated such as lights, lasers, grips, sights etc.  removing these is very time consuming and if sent along with weapon will incur additional fees.

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How durable is your paint finish?

Cerakote is an industrial ceramic coating (not really a paint) It is designed for high wear, 
outdoor applications. It is used on helicopter blades, Naval ship deck guns, industrial machinery 
and high end synthetic rifle stocks by nearly every major maker. It will not flake,chip or 
peel, and will withstand any chemical that you would ever want around a firearm. 
The only way to remove it once applied is to sand it off.

How long will the paint last?

It is impossible to tell for certain, but we have been using this product 
for over 5 years and not had a single one returned yet because of wear.


Do you have a warranty?

We do offer a 1 year limited warranty for defects in our workmanship (shoddy work would be noticeable long before a year goes by)  Cerakote will not chip, flake, or peel off.  It will not discolor either unless exposed to extreme heat in such cases of barrels, gas blocks etc.  We will warranty our work for those things stated above... Cerakote is awesome but NOT indestructible.  We will not cover typical holster wear associated with everyday handling of firearms (such as wear from riding in a holster or in a weapons rack for long periods of time) NO finish will stand up to that.  Nor will we warranty a gun that has obviously been damaged or abused.  RAPTOR ARMAMENT, LLC any of it's agents or affiliates will NOT be held liable legally or otherwise for personal injury or property damage in the case of malfunctioning firearms after the cerakoting process has been completed.  We do not test fire weapons prior to Cerakoting nor do we test fire after coating and therefor have no way of determining a firearms serviceability or if it is safe to use.  The client/customer alone is responsible for assuring they are using a safe and serviceable weapon prior to firing. Additionally agents of Raptor/ACC are NOT certified gunsmiths and although we have a great deal of knowledge in the assembly/disasembly process for several weapon systems we deal with regularly. NO agent of Raptor/ACC will be held liable for improper assembly upon return.  If this is a concern you should additionally seek the services of a Certified, Licensed Gunsmith for these services before and after Cerakoting is completed by Raptor/ACC.  

Can you paint a wood?

Although NIC industries advises this is possible, through experience We will not paint wood items.

Are the designs on your web page the only ones available?

Absolutely not. Unfortunately we are not able to post pictures of every job we complete 
and the site represents only a small sample of what we have done.

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a liquid ceramic coating developed by NIC Industries, and is the 
leading firearm coating available today. It is used by most leading manufacturers.

How is Cerakote applied??

Firearms are first stripped to their individual parts, completely de-greased in an acetone bath, the 
surface is properly prepped or etched using aluminum oxide in a sand blasting cabinet. The product is then sprayed on evenly and baked to achieve full cure. An air-cure version of Cerakote is also available that does not require baking, but the heat cured product is far superior for firearms 

How thick is Cerakote and will it affect the function of my firearm?

Do you coat the interior of the barrel?

No, the chamber and bore are sealed and protected prior to starting any metal 
prep or finishing.

Can you coat a firearm that has been previously coated with another product?

In almost every case, yes. The old coating will be removed during the metal prep 
process, additional fess my apply.  Usually $75

Will Cerakote cover up any defects in the surface?

No, Cerakote is so thin that it will not mask any defects. Engraving will show 
through, and all but the lightest of etching will be seen. Rust pits will show, as 
will any machine marks. For best results the metal should be free of any pits and 
machine marks should be removed from barrels before coating. It is not 
necessary to polish and buff the metal before coating, and typically a finish of 180 
grit is sufficient. Light surface rust is no problem at all.  

Can you coat scopes to match my rifle?

Yes, we can coat scopes. with exception, we will NOT Attempt to coat any scope made in China or one that is not sealed and nitrogen purged.  Also, we will not be held liable for damage to a scope due to the baking process associated with Cerakoting of the item.

What colors are offered?

We offer Cerakote in every color available from the manufacturer, and have most in 
stock. Virtually every shade of black, gray, tan, brown, green, silver and titanium is 
available.  request for irregular non stock colors can and may require an additional charge. usually $35

The most popular color is Armor Black, which is very similar to the matte finish 
that Leupold uses on their scopes.  FDE is also very popular.

I also offer a color that looks very similar to a matte or satin blued finish for those 
wishing to compliment a wood stock.  SOCOM Blue is very nice for non tactical type weapons.

What parts do you coat?

we will coat only those parts of a firearm or weapon that are agreed upon prior to weapon being shipped and price agreed to.  Changes to the agreed upon service at a later date will incur an addtional fee. It is typical to coat a hand guard, lower and upper stripped receiver for the intial asking price of an Ar15, although stocks, grips, weapon lights, sights, etc. will incur an extra fee.  This applies to pistols as well. 

Do I need to ship through an FFL?

No, you can send your firearm directly to our FFL, and we can then return it directly to you.  You should also send a copy of your drivers license along with your firearm so that we may properly/legally log them into our ATF regulated log book.  According to federal regulations all firearms kept over night must be logged in and out of this record.

Do I need a copy of your FFL

Yes and No, but for simplictiy sake yes,  Send us an email address and we will send you a copy if you run into Dudley DoRight at Fedex or the PO.

What shipping company do you recommend?

our first choice by far is UPS Insured. our carrier is great, knows our
business, and takes extra care of packages. Fedex is great also.  USPS is ok but its Govt. need I say more.