Raptor Armament, LLC and Amarillo Custom Cerakote are not associated with or licensed by Yeti, Ozark, RTIC or any other thermal cup manufacturer.  We are not thermal cup dealers and do NOT provide cups or mugs!!! ONLY Cerakote services on your supplied cup.

Below you will find examples of custom Cerakote designs that have been purchased by previous customers.  Most designs start at $75 and go up dependent on complexity of design and the number of colors used.  Raptor/ACC does not Hydrodip, use Hydrographics or Dip cups.  All designs featured here are hand coated using layering techniques with Cerakote and stencils to achieved the desire result.  Single colors are $40 and initials or Monogrammed designed cups start at $60 dollars.  If you don't see anything you like feel free to contact us with your ideas and we can send you a quote.